About Hindsight

What is Hindsight?

Hindsight is the incredible way for people to stop wasting money on their trains to work.

We automatically switch you to lower-priced fares – after you’ve travelled. It’s a brand new technology we call Retrospective Pricing™.

When our free app spots you could have spent less if you’d bought a different ticket, we swap you to that lower fare.

And because we do it automatically, you don’t have to do anything. Spending less across your working week is now effortless.

No more choosing a single or a return, peak or off-peak, anytime or weekly season ticket – just get on the train and leave the rest to us.

We switch you to the lowest fares you could have bought… with Hindsight.

Why should I use Hindsight?

Modern working life is unpredictable. You might end up working later than expected, or have to work from home for a day later in the week.

If you’ve already bought a weekly season ticket or a peak return, chances are you’ll be out of pocket.

With the benefit of hindsight, you’d have done things differently.  Well, now you can.

With Hindsight, you can stop thinking about train tickets and just board the train, leaving us to switch you automatically to the cheapest fares you could have bought over the course of the week.

What are the benefits of Hindsight?

Things are always clearer after they’ve happened – that’s hindsight. And that’s exactly how we’ve made Hindsight the cheapest and easiest way to flexibly travel by train.

We get you the best fares over the course of a week, after you’ve travelled. If it’ll save you money, we’ll switch you to a weekly season ticket as if you’d had one since the start, capping your fares on the same route for the rest of the week.

1. No planning – never worry about which ticket to buy again; no need to commit in advance or deal with the faff of weekly season ticket renewals or top ups

2. No queuing – say goodbye to ticket machines and station offices; just tap the app and breeze through the ticket barriers (if your station has any)

3. No overpaying – no more ticket regrets; stop wasting money on buying the wrong ticket combos for your weekly journeys

If your train is delayed, our weekly statement provides all the information you need to submit a Delay Repay claim directly with your train operator.

And, if your train is cancelled, there’s no need to worry about the hassle of claiming a refund – we don’t charge your card until your train has departed.

How am I overpaying without Hindsight?

According to the Rail Delivery Group, who are the governing body for the rail industry, two thirds of train travellers think they overpaid for their most recent journey. And in research we carried out in March 2018, a whopping 62% of people bought a weekly season ticket but didn’t expect to use it enough to get the value from it.

People don’t mean to, but they do end up buying the wrong ticket because of how their day or week actually turns out.

And with 55 million fare combinations, choosing the right ticket in the first place is a nightmare. Here are some of the most common ways train travellers overpay:

On the day
•  Buy a peak return but work later than expected and travel back off peak
•  Buy a return but only travel one way
•  Buy a single when they meant to buy a return

For the week
•  Buy singles and/or returns every day when a weekly season would have been cheaper
•  Buy a weekly season ticket but singles and / or returns would have been cheaper
•  Don’t use a purchased weekly season ticket or railcard for additional or part journeys

Hindsight means never buying the wrong ticket again – making train fare wastage a thing of the past. Meaning more money back in your pocket.

Isn’t it cheaper to buy in advance?

Buying in advance brings its own risks because life is unpredictable. Hindsight gives you all the flexibility of changing your plans during the week, without having to pay a premium for it. Advance purchase tickets may be cheaper for individual journeys but not for your week’s travel. These can’t be combined with others, for example to provide you with a capped weekly season ticket.

Sounds magical, how does it work?

Every time you choose a train to get on, we look back at all the journeys you’ve already taken during the week.

We then crunch millions of fare combinations on your behalf and get you the lowest possible price – even if it means converting tickets you’ve already used into cheaper ones.

We call this Retrospective Pricing™ and it’s only available with Hindsight.

Our app automatically switches you from singles to the best returns each day, rolling you up to a capped weekly season if that ends up being the cheapest way to pay for your travel for the week.

We settle our bill with the train companies the week following your travel. So as you travel through the week, if we spot an opportunity to get you lower fares, then we automatically switch your tickets and pass those savings onto you. Just like magic.

Do you charge any fees?

No, we don’t, unlike some other companies that sell you train tickets. Our app is free to download and there are no booking charges or card processing fees. We earn our keep from a small commission the train operators pay us so our customers never pay more than they should. You’re welcome.

Where can I use the app?

From launch, Hindsight will work across the UK rail network on all routes where mobile phone tickets are available – a route is between your origin and destination station. Currently, there are tens of millions of routes supported.

We are dependent on the train operators to mobile enable more routes, which they are doing regularly. Below is a summary of availability as of autumn 2018:

c2c Not currently supported*
Chiltern Railways All stations
CrossCountry All stations
East Midlands Majority of Stations excl. London St Pancras**
Grand Central TBC
Greater Anglia All stations
Great Northern Majority of stations excl. local stations in Greater London but incl. London Kings Cross **
Great Western Railway All stations
Hull Trains All stations
London North Eastern Railway All stations
MerseyRail Not currently supported*
Northern All stations
ScotRail Not currently supported*
SouthEastern Not currently supported*
Southern Not currently supported*
South Western Railway Rollout in progress (outside Greater London)
TfL Rail Not currently supported*
Thameslink Not currently supported*
TransPennine Express All stations
Virgin West Coast All stations
Wales & Borders All stations
West Midlands Trains All stations

Some journeys where your origin and destination stations are operated by different train operators, may not be currently available.

* We do not currently operate on the TfL network, MerseyRail, ScotRail or on some routes south of the Thames as all these operators use a different smart ticketing technology to the rest of the network which we currently don’t support. We are working hard to add support for these parts of the network so register at GetHindsight.com and we’ll keep you updated.

** Some but not all stations managed by these companies accept mobile tickets. For more details, please contact the operators directly using the details on our Train Companies page. 

When do I pay for my trains?

We charge you incrementally each time you travel up to a weekly cap on the same route.

On your first journey of the week, you’ll pay for a single. When you take your subsequent journeys that week, we look back at your previous ones and – if you could’ve had a better deal with a return, weekly season or other combination – you’ll just pay the difference. A bit like having your own personalised train fares.

That’s the magic of Retrospective Pricing™.

When you tap ‘Start journey’ in the app, Hindsight quickly checks that your card issuer has given the green light and then we take payment after your train has departed. So if your plans change at the last minute and you choose not to travel, there’s no need to worry about refunds as you’ll not be charged.

We also email you a weekly summary of all journeys and payments.

An example

On your first journey of the week, we charge you the price of a single ticket – in this example, £19.20.

You might be thinking it’d be better to buy a return straight away? Read on…

On your way home that evening, we calculate that you’d be better off switching that single to an off-peak day return as you’re returning later than you planned. The off peak return fare in this example is £19.30, only 10p more than you’ve already paid for that single. Hindsight knows this and only charges you 10p to get home.

So for that day, you’ve correctly paid the lowest price of an off-peak day return. Without Hindsight you might have bought a peak day return, so you’re in the money already. Great.

You then end up doing the same return journey a few days in a row, at £19.30 per day, charged in increments of £19.20 and 10p.

But here’s the really clever bit.

Our app spots that a weekly season for this route is £66, and on the fourth day, buying another daily ticket would take your spend for the week over that limit.

So, we automatically switch all tickets so far that week for a season ticket. That means on Day 4 you’d get charged £8.10 (i.e. £66 minus 3 days at a total of £19.30 each).

You immediately save £11.20.

And the best bit of all, is that all subsequent journeys on that same route that week will be FREE.

Given how your week turned out, we spotted that you’d have been better off buying a season ticket and automatically switched you to that ticket type. You saved money without even trying.

If you’re thinking “couldn’t I have just bought a season ticket myself at the start of the week?”. Well, yes you could, but plans change – and if you’d have bought a weekly and ended up working from home unexpectedly, you’d be out of pocket.

With Hindsight, there’s no chance of buying a ticket you’ll later regret. Just get on board and leave the low fares to us.


Who’s behind Hindsight?

Hindsight has been built by the team at Global Travel Ventures Limited. Both our founder and Chairman launched and later sold Trainline. They know a thing or two about train tickets. As regular train travellers themselves they were frustrated overpaying for their train travel for work so hired an astounding team of PhDs and engineers to create something revolutionary.

Our CEO helped build Hailo (now MyTaxi), the first widely-adopted, on-demand taxi ride-hailing business in London, and took it to 20 markets across 3 continents.

Stagecoach Group, the leading train and bus operator, loved the benefits of Hindsight for the train travelling public, and so invested alongside Longwall Ventures, as well as numerous other train travellers, to make Hindsight a reality.

*End of showing off*

Global Travel Ventures is licensed as a third-party retailer by Rail Delivery Group and regulated by the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) We have worked closely with both to bring our groundbreaking solution to market.

What about my privacy?

Safeguarding your data and financial details is very important to us. Here are links to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

How can I contact Hindsight?

Drop us an email at help@gethindsight.com or follow us at @HelloHindsight.

Once the Hindsight app is live on the rail network, our customer service team will also be contactable by phone.

About the rail industry

Code of Practice

National Rail has put together a Code of Practice to help Train Operating Companies and third-party sellers (like Hindsight) to meet consumer law and industry standards regarding information for passengers on rail products and services. You may also find it useful in understanding how the industry operates, the choices available to you and the service you should expect.

National Rail Conditions of Travel

When you buy a train ticket, you enter into an agreement with the train companies you’ll be travelling with. This agreement is detailed in the National Rail Conditions of Travel.

Online Dispute Resolution platform

The European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform allows consumers in the EU to resolve disputes about online purchases of goods and services – for example train tickets – without going to court.

Railway Byelaws

Railway Byelaws are laws made under the Transport Act detailing passenger conduct and safety when travelling on trains.

National Rail Enquiries

National Rail Enquiries is the definitive source of information for all passenger services on the National Rail network in England, Wales and Scotland. National Rail Enquiries is part of the Rail Delivery Group (RDG), which provides business services to Train Operating Companies.