Plans change. Now your tickets can too.
We switch you to the lowest fares you
could have bought… with Hindsight


Wish you’d bought a different ticket? Wish granted.

Come home later than expected? We switch you to an off-peak
End up working from home? We stop season ticket wastage
Unexpectedly get the train every day? We automatically switch you to a weekly

Cheaper train tickets after you’ve travelled.

Only pay for journeys you actually take

When you buy a train ticket, you’re committing to how your day or week will pan out.

But plans can change. You might buy a weekly, only to end up working from home. Or buy a peak return, but come home early.

Either way, you’ve paid for something you didn’t need. You’re out of pocket.

With Hindsight, you only pay for the journeys you actually take – not the ones you thought you would.

Each time you travel, we automatically switch you to the lowest combination of fares for the journeys you’ve actually taken.

It’s an unprecedented combination of flexibility and low cost.

That’s the benefit of Hindsight.

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